Saturday, June 21, 2008

Interlude | The question

A question from Cam:
"What is the song on this Vox trailer, and who is the band?
I can't figure it out for the life of me."

An answer from Nate at Vox:
"The song is from a late 70's band called Model Mania. They only had one 45 release as far as I know. No Pride, Slow Suicide is the name of the song. I have it on vinyl off of the Bored Teenagers comp. Good luck finding it."

Plus some
more research:
Model Mania
' were formed in late 1975 in the UK– three brothers, Jim (vocals), Rob (guitar) and Andy (drums). They were later joined by Martin Beech (Boco) on bass.
In the next six months they played all over, opening for bands such as The Vibrators, Johnny Thun
ders, The Clash, The Slits, The Adverts, The Stranglers, Subway Sect etc. Bernie Rhodes showed interest so they got on tour with the Clash. In 1977 they made their first demo No Pride and 2 others, Shit and Glass.

In 1979 they made a record and released it on their own Boob label. When the records arrived back from the pressing plant the labels weren't quite ready so the band designed and made up a ink stamp and then stamped up 250 copies so that they could start selling them. Then one week later the labels arrived and the remaining 750 copies had proper labels stuck on. Then Boco decided to leave. They carried on but it was all over really. They came very close but not close enough, that’s the story, not the facts.

In 1982 they changed their name to Powerfarm and were joined by Sean Walters, they made another single Which Way USA, which was also released on Boob Records through Red Rhino distribution.

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